26 May, 2017

Explore and discover your roots and cultural heritage through visits to your ancestral homes and villages -

The Winter camp is based in Guangzhou for two weeks from approximately 26th November  to 10th December/

There will be Kung Fu classes for the first 4 days.  During your stay in Guangzhou, there will be Mandarin classes - teaching you basic Mandarin phrases that you can learn and use should you wish to travel further in China. Calligraphy and other Chinese crafts and activities are taught  Sightseeing trips around the city with a river cruise is included

However the most important part is the visits to your ancestral villages - both maternal and paternal .  Visits in the past have included Taishan, Xinhui area, Xintang and the Bai Yun districts, as well as the Zhongshan and Dongguan area

The itinerary is to be arranged with the Guangdong Chinese Overseas Affairs School.  Janet Joe, an experienced traveller to China will accompany the group and sort out any arrangements required. 

Cost for approx  4 weeks travel is around $6000 - includes travel to Shanghai and Beijing and one other place of their choice - some choose HK, otherwise travel inside China itself is less expensive as it is low season.

 There are options for an extended stay  for further travel in China.  Other cities can be included after the time spent  in Guangzhou - Xian, Beijing and Shanghai have been requested in previous years.  Costs will vary depending on your choice of destinations - to get the cheaper air fares you will need to book early.

 Application forms are attached.  Please also send me a copy of the front page of your passport.  Passports should have an expiry date beyond June 2018.

Please register your interest  by completing these forms and returning them to Virginia Chong vchong@ihug.co.nz no later than 30 June  2017.  A minimum number of 12 attendees is required

Please contact Virginia Chong by phone should you have any queries  - 021 982 726

Forms can be downloaded by clicking below: